AT&T are offering LG's Optimus G to whoever is interested in it. To make things even more fun, we devised a way to update this device to JellyBeer v4.33 Android 4.2.2 JB custom ROM in a very easy manner. With this firmware, you will have all the right tools to expect a superior performance from your handset, to customize it and so on. 


Hop on the train ride which will end when your device is finally updated. The very first stop for now is made of the following pre-requisites:

  • download the JellyBeer build 4.33 ROM ( together with Google Apps ( on the laptop you've bought
  • charge the phone's battery
  • flash USB Drivers for the LG Optimus G on your laptop
  • create a backup 
  • make a NANDroid backup
  • use the bootloader and carrier unlocked smartphone
  • enable USB Debugging on your handset.

Rooting Sony Xperia SP means that the phone will experience one of the following:

- a custom ROM

- root-only apps

- better performance

- overclocking the phone's processor

- longer battery life

- installing a custom recovery image such as either TWRP or the more popular CWM Recovery.

The one-click root solution the guide here comes with will also help you apply an unofficial Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or the older version. Or you can always apply a custom Android operating system version. But these advantages have a con: the warranty of your smartphone will go to waste. Which is why developers predicted that and thought of solutions to this problem; to regain the warranty, you have to:

- update the phone to official Android version


- downgrade to stock Android. 

Applying one of the solutions above will make your handset able to relock the bootloader and also regain its precious root access. 

If your Sony Xpria SP is not locked, you can still work with our guide; the same happens even if your smartphone is locked. So don't worry about anything and just follow the steps in this guide.

Galaxy S2 I9100G (the International model with a TI OMAP processor) makes its appearance today in a tutorial that will teach you how to update it to unofficial CM 10.2 test build custom ROM. The firmware is here to land Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. 


You will now have to look at your smartphone and make sure it includes the following requirements:

  • the phone must be rooted
  • there must be a custom recovery image flashed on it
  • its battery is fully charged
  • there is a backup made of its data (along with a full NANDroid backup
  • you need to turn on USB Debugging.