AT&T are offering LG's Optimus G to whoever is interested in it. To make things even more fun, we devised a way to update this device to JellyBeer v4.33 Android 4.2.2 JB custom ROM in a very easy manner. With this firmware, you will have all the right tools to expect a superior performance from your handset, to customize it and so on. 


Hop on the train ride which will end when your device is finally updated. The very first stop for now is made of the following pre-requisites:

  • download the JellyBeer build 4.33 ROM ( together with Google Apps ( on the laptop you've bought
  • charge the phone's battery
  • flash USB Drivers for the LG Optimus G on your laptop
  • create a backup 
  • make a NANDroid backup
  • use the bootloader and carrier unlocked smartphone
  • enable USB Debugging on your handset.


The devices you have before you need to be connected to each other next. After that you have to take the files from your notebook's desktop; they will need to be moved to the AD card root belonging to the smartphone. Then unplug the devices from one another to enter the handset into Recovery Mode; the way to reach that particular mode is by going along these lines: press and hold Volume Down and Power at the same time and then wait for the mode to appear. 

The following should happen after the above has been taken care of: 

- choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset

- confirm by tapping "YES"

- return to the device's Recovery Menu

- choose Wipe Cache Partition

- opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache. 

Once the phone has passed through those tasks of wiping its system, you should opt for these:

- Install zip from SD card

- Choose zip from SD card. 

After you are on the trail of the, you need to opt for it with Power and have the flashing confirmed. This is going to make sure that the file is installed on the phone. Likewise, to also flash the Google Apps package, you need to repeat what you did for the installation of the other file. You can finally do the following once the packages are on the Optimus G: return to the device's Recovery Menu. 

The moment this destination has been reached, you should reboot your handset by choosing its restarting option. Your LG Optimus G from AT&T is now on its way to get a hold on all the features which are guaranteed by the JellyBeer build 4.33 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM. If you plan on verifying on the welfare of this tool, you need to go to your device's About Phone and look for it in that spot. 

The LG Optimus G can deliver an unpleasant surprise: it can show you a message that reads "Status 7 error". In order to quickly get away from this situation:

- flash, on the phone, a related kernel

- flash the actual update file discussed today. 

The way to sort out a problem that makes your phone remain stuck in boot loop is to choose the following wiping actions:

- "Wipe Cache Partition"

- "Wipe Dalvik Cache". 

The device is easy to bring back to the ROM it originally came with: 

- boot the Optimus G into Recovery

- opt for "backup & restore"

- find the old ROM in a list that will pop up on the screen

- restore it. 

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