Rooting Sony Xperia SP means that the phone will experience one of the following:

- a custom ROM

- root-only apps

- better performance

- overclocking the phone's processor

- longer battery life

- installing a custom recovery image such as either TWRP or the more popular CWM Recovery.

The one-click root solution the guide here comes with will also help you apply an unofficial Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or the older version. Or you can always apply a custom Android operating system version. But these advantages have a con: the warranty of your smartphone will go to waste. Which is why developers predicted that and thought of solutions to this problem; to regain the warranty, you have to:

- update the phone to official Android version


- downgrade to stock Android. 

Applying one of the solutions above will make your handset able to relock the bootloader and also regain its precious root access. 

If your Sony Xpria SP is not locked, you can still work with our guide; the same happens even if your smartphone is locked. So don't worry about anything and just follow the steps in this guide.


First, though, come the requirements:

  • charge the battery unit of your Sony Xperia SP to the fullest
  • keep close the phone's USB cord and your laptop
  • turn on USB Debugging by opening Settings, launching More, choosing Development options and selecting the one needed for this post
  • create several backups.
  • turn on Unknown Sources by accessing Settings and then opting for Security. 
  • turn off the security software present on your smartphone as well as on your notebook. 


The update is about to welcome you to the first step. The latter should go something like this: download the one-click root tool on your notebook. Then get a good unzipping tool and do as follows: extract the content of the file you just downloaded on your PC. Then plug, using the phone's USB cord, the Sony Xperia SP to your notebook. Make sure you do the following after the devices have been connected: go to the folder you extracted on the comp and double-click on this file:


Then wait until this file is open on your notebook. After you see it's launched at last, you should wait again for the appearance of some instructions to follow. Once you have done everything they told you to, you need to tap any button and then have patience till the rooting begins. This will not take a whole day; after root access has been gained, you have to make sure the phone reboots on its own. 

When it does do that, you will be able to do as follows:

- disconnect the phone from the comp. 

Now that you are finally owning a rooted Sony Xperia SP, you should quickly go online and look for custom kernels or for custom ROM firmware to flash on your smartphone. However, we recommend you to flash TeamWin Recovery Project or ClockworkMod Recovery on your handset. The custom kernel we mentioned will be very useful if you plan on enjoying a much better battery on your phone. 

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